Call for AEC Members

We are looking for members of the Artifact Evaluation Committee (AEC), who will contribute to the artifact evaluation process of NDSS by reviewing submitted artifacts.

If you are interested in joining the AEC, please fill out the form below. We expect that the AEC will consist mainly of experienced graduate students and postdocs. Applications from junior students are also encouraged.

The expected workload is 1 review (typically around 10-15 hours of work) for the Summer cycle and 1-2 for the Fall cycle. AEC members will serve for both cycles: please ensure that you have sufficient time and availability during the two evaluation periods (June 28th to September 5th 2023 and September 20th to November 24th 2023).

As an AEC member, you will not only help promote the reproducibility of experimental results in security research, but also get to familiarize yourself with research papers just accepted for publication at NDSS 2024 and explore their artifacts. For a given artifact, you may be asked to evaluate its public availability, functionality, and/or ability to reproduce the results from the paper. You will be able to discuss with other AEC members and anonymously interact with the authors as necessary, for instance if you are unable to get the artifact to work as expected. Finally, you will provide a review for the artifact to give constructive feedback to its authors, discuss the artifact with fellow reviewers, and help award the paper artifact evaluation badges.

Overall, you will gain insights into a modern AE process, get mentoring and guidance during the process, and get a chance to receive a Distinguished Artifact Reviewer Award, granted to AEC members who have contributed with outstanding efforts and constructive feedback to authors during the AE.

We expect that most evaluations can be done on your own computer (any moderately recent desktop or laptop will suffice). In other cases, authors will provide anonymous remote access to external facilities.

How to Apply

If you are interested in becoming a part of the AEC, please complete this form. Deadline: May 31st, 2023.